En+ Group is the largest independent power producer in Russia in terms of installed capacity and the largest independent hydro power generation company globally

The Group operates generating assets with 19.7 GW of installed electricity capacity, 15.1 GW of which are low-carbon hydro power generation, and 17.0 kGcal/h of installed heat capacity.

Over 15 GW of En+ Power generation portfolio comes from hydroelectric power plants located on Siberian rivers – the Angara and the Yenisei. Three of En+ Power hydropower plants are among 20 of the world’s largest (by installed capacity): Krasnoyarsk HPP (6,000 MW), Bratsk HPP (4,500 MW) and Ust-Ilimsk HPP (3,840 MW).

En+ Power engages in all of the power industry’s key areas, including electric power generation, its transmission and distribution, power trading and supply.

En+ Power produced 69.5 TWh (81.5% was generated by the Company’s HPPs) of electricity output in 2016, which represented 6.6% of Russia’s total electricity generation and 34% of the Siberian Independent Power System total electricity generation for the period.

Hydro power generation is a key area of the En+ Power’s business. Russia has the second largest potential in the world for economically efficient hydro power generation. This is namely due to Russian rivers, which are recoverable energy sources that in total are able to provide more than 800 billion kWh of low-carbon electricity per annum. As at 31 December 2016, 76.6% of the Power Segment’s installed electricity capacity was represented by HPPs, with the remaining 23.4% represented by CHPs and one solar plant. Hydro power generation has a number of important advantages compared to other forms of power generation:

  • low and stable cost base, due to the absence of fossil fuel costs;
  • load flexibility, allowing increased output in a short time frame to support peak loads;
  • CO2 emissions-free generation.

En+ Power is investing in R&D in the energy sector; this includes development of a new generation 100 MW compact nuclear reactor, new types of perovskite-based solar panels, energy storage systems.

En+ Power is a member of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, a non-profit organization whose members are the world’s leading electricity companies, supplying energy to over 1.2 billion customers.

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